The Council of State

Avocats aux Conseils

The Council of State

The law firm Boucard & Maman represents its clients before the Conseil d’Etat in appeals to the supreme court against the decisions of administrative courts of appeal and specialised administrative courts together with certain rulings by administrative tribunals.

It also intervenes in appeals in the first and last instance made in particular against decrees, acts of collegial bodies with national authority as well as disputes in regional elections and the election of French representatives to the European Parliament or appeals concerning municipal and local elections.

The firm presents to the Conseil d’Etat its clients’ observations on bills and draft orders as well as draft decrees in the Conseil d’Etat.

Boucard & Maman also intervenes before the Conseil d’Etat when an application for a priority preliminary ruling on the issue of constitutionality is passed on by a lower administrative court to the Conseil d’Etat so that it can decide on its referral to the Constitutional Council.

In the course of these procedures, the firm informs its clients and barrister contacts of each step of the procedure, and passes on to them the acts which are communicated to it together with the minutes of each hearing.