Boucard & Maman

Avocats au Conseil d'État et à la Cour de Cassation

It has a team of experienced associate lawyers recognised for their excellent qualities as jurists and their mastery of cassation techniques.

The law firm Boucard & Maman represents its clients before the Conseil d’Etat, the Court of Cassation, the Constitutional Council, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. Working at the crossroads between private, public, constitutional and European law, the firm fully masters the linking of proceedings before the various supreme courts.

Boucard & Maman also assists its clients before independent administrative authorities (AMF, ACPR, ARCEP, CNIL, etc.), whose proceedings are divided between the two orders of jurisdiction, administrative and judicial.

Lastly, its area of intervention extends to Monaco law which the firm practices in proceedings before the Court of Revision of Monaco.

Since its creation, Boucard & Maman has developed a consultancy activity both for its clients – institutional or otherwise – and for its barrister colleagues. The firm assists the client to make strategic choices before initiating litigation, in anticipation of later referral to a supreme court. Alone or in collaboration with the client and its lawyer, it defines the litigation strategy at the time of the filing of an appeal before a supreme court.

For cassation proceedings, if the client wishes, the firm provides prior consulting on the chances of success of the procedure, after conducting a full study of the case, together with an in-depth analysis of the points of law concerned. The pleadings are always addressed with an objective opinion on the merits of the appeal made.

The firm is also regularly consulted on legal issues outside litigation.

The firm’s relationship with its clients and fellow professionals is a key concern for its members. The partners and associates are available to meet clients and discuss the follow-up of their cases with them.

Each case is handled by a partner with the assistance of one or more associates, which means that clients have at least two contacts, including a partner.